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2851 S. Parker Rd., Ste. 210 Aurora, CO 80014

2851 S. Parker Rd., Ste. 210 Aurora, CO 80014

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Rosemark Client Services

How we are different?

The Products


The success of our test market with a cosmetics promotion has prompted us to create an entirely new division within our organization catering to the needs of existing and emerging brands in a variety of industries. Our extensive portfolio of client gives us the edge through diversity. No matter the season, demographic or current campaign, our momentum never decrease, because we always have something new and exciting for our consumers.

Precision Campaigns

teamWe offer an alternative approach to the retail market for the new comers and veterans of the industry. We take the best aspects of retail sales methods and combine them with the personalized approach of the multi-billion dollar direct sales industry and our end product is a friendly, fast paced promotional approach that guarantees unmatched sales volume and customer satisfaction on all featured products.

Our Approach

approachOur approach can guarantee that 1000’s of people daily are seeing, touching and learning about the featured item in a professional yet personalized way. As a result of the sales volume that our distribution method generates, we are able to get luxury-quality products into the hands of the consumer at unbeatable prices. This opens the doors to target demographics that average retailers can’t touch.

Our marketing services will offer the clients brand the following benefits

All of these things joined, can yield immense gains for a client, as they are not only reaping the benefits of a in-store event campaign, but also receiving the resulting wave of word of mouth and social media exposure. Once the consumer is happy and feels they have gotten a good deal, they are more apt to spreading the word throughout their network of contacts.

Greater Brand Notoriety

12Brands that use our services receive measurable results from day one. In addition, distributors can give brands with customer opinions on colors, quality, packaging and much more based on personalized interactions with random samples of consumers.

Increased Revenue

13What good is brand exposure if the clients revenue doesn’t take off by leaps and bounds? NONE! Our focus is to create successful campaigns that provide increased revenue for the client, team and office alike.

Positive Reviews

14We care how well received your brand is. We welcome the opportunity for consumers to check our campaign efforts as well as the clients we represent. Success only comes if the brand promoted in such a way that the consumer has loyalty to the brand and will continue to support the brand at every opportunity.


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